About Us

We have been in business serving the Tri State area since 1953. Alamo is a full residential and commercial company. We provide service for restaurants, bars (audio & video) and nursing homes. Alamo guarantees competitive local pricing. We are a full service company with a delivery truck and six custom installation trucks.

Whether it’s a home theater system or note-perfect audio in every room, it’s time to realize your dream of bringing the ultimate entertainment experience into the comfort of your own home. Screen size, display technology, sound systems - it will all fall into place. And, we will be your partner every step of the way. Alamo Electronics Inc provides systems that are each professionally designed, engineered, and integrated to meet your unique needs.

We understand that today it’s all about the home entertainment shopping experience - delivering personal sales and exceptional service to the consumer. This professional approach provides results that are simply not attainable by the un-planned “deal of the moment” world of traditional electronics retailing. For home entertainment, we can help you experience that moment and tailor a system designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. We can share our ideas about an entire system or we can provide solutions for a partial upgrade. Whatever your home entertainment needs, inside our doors our knowledgeable professionals will guide you through your options based on your priorities.

3 Ways to Connect
  • Phone – Call us at (513) 791-2300and a sales associate will answer any questions you may have about a product.
  • Visit – Come down to our showroom to check out our inventory of top name brand electronics 9572 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242
  • Click – Send us an email alamosales@fuse.net to receive information on a product or to hear about our specials and events.